Issue 4: July/August 2011

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • "Twist 'n' Splash" Opens at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Fårup Sommerland with New Attractions
  • Therme Erding: Galaxy 2.0 Brings a Mega-Expansion
  • EWA Summer Meeting 2011 in Austria
  • Slide Safety and Risk Analysis
  • 3 Questions to Chip Cleary, President & CEO of IAAPA
Special Feature
| Van Helsing's Factory

Van Helsing's Factory

Movie Park Germany recently opened its latest attraction just in time for its 15th birthday. On June 18th today's Movie Park GM Wouter Dekkers gave the start signal for "Van Helsing's Factory", a Gerstlauer Rides rollercoaster ...

Special Feature
| E-DA World

E-DA World

The main entrance to the E-DA Theme Park is located on the 4th floor of the shopping center, and features a look reminiscent of a huge toy store with a variety of candy shops. A covered bridge takes visitors to the park site, where they are immediately led into the next building: a massive ...

Special Feature
| 50 Jahre Bobbejaanland ...

50 Years of Bobbejaanland ...

... mean 43 years of the spirit, vision, courage, drive and talent of the park's founder, Bobbejaan Schoepen. He passed away in May of 2010, one day after his 85th birthday ...

Special Feature
| Slide Safety and Risk Analysis

Slide Safety and Risk Analysis

We asked Rainer Braun, MD of Hartwigsen Freizeitanlagen GmbH, about the new DIN EN 1069:2010 standard ...