Issue 4/2021: July/August 2021

Topic Overview (Excerpt):

  • Krampus Expédition – New Water Coaster at Nigloland
  • Rodel- & Freizeitparadies St. Englmar Opens "Biberland"
  • Monster – The New Coaster at Gröna Lund
  • Hunderfossen Adds New 4D Simulator
  • Majaland Kownaty with Next Expansion: Super Wings Zone
  • New Marsupilami Themed Area in Parc Spirou
  • Super Ride Fun at Edelwies Nature and Leisure Park
  • Legoland Windsor: Welcome to Lego Mythica!
  • SeaWorld Novelties: Emperor & Ice Breaker
  • The New Legoland New York
  • Sky Surfer: The New Slide at Europabad
  • Landal Green Parks Start into Vacation Seasion with New Offerings
  • Waterpark News
  • Crisis-Proofed? The Pool & Waterpark Industry in the Pandemic
  • Post-Fire Renovation at AGGUA Troisdorf Recognizing Opportunities
  • F&B Trend Check: A Supplementary Offer in the Lifestyle Focus
  • NewsPoint
Special Feature
| Xtreme Spinning

European Premiere at Plopsaland De Panne

The Ride to Happiness is the name of the new roller coaster at Plopsaland De Panne in Belgium. It is the first installation of an Xtreme Spinning Coaster in Europe, and – after the premiere of "Time Traveler" at Silver Dollar City in 2018 – the second attraction of this type worldwide. Plopsa's new signature ride was developed around the original theme of the electro music festival "Tomorrowland". With the ride, Plopsaland De Panne also aims to strengthen its leading position in the Belgium leisure market in the medium term ...

Special Feature
| Adventure Sports

Water Skiing & Wakeboarding

Strapping your feet into the bindings of the water-skis or wakeboard and speeding over the water, using kickers or pipes as obstacles for tricks and performing spectacular jumps with the help of the cable‘s pulling force is probably the ultimate high for the many devotees of this water sport. In Germany alone there are already more than 80 cable-guided water skiing and wakeboarding facilities – and their number is rising ...

Special Feature
| Karavansaray

The New Leisure Destination in Kazakhstan

Turkistan, located in the south of Kazakhstan with a population of just under 180,000, is particularly known for the numerous mausoleums in the city area and the nearby surroundings, which promote tourism in the former trading city on the Silk Road. Now, a new mixed-use complex that combines leisure and entertainment facilities inspired by Kazakh culture, history and landscape with retail and gastronomy has opened, christened Karavansaray, to further accelerate the development of Turkistan into an international destination for tourism ...

Special Feature
| Crisis-Proofed?

Waterparks Between Lockdown & Innovation

The recreational and adventure bathing complexes throughout Europe have been under enormous pressure since the beginning of the pandemic. In response, all over Europe an incomprehensible patchwork of national and regional regulations, ordinances and bans has developed, to say nothing of the fact that some of these “patches” change completely from one day to the next. Sometimes this works out in a positive way ...