Issue 5: October / September 2010

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • George and the Dragon - Efteling's new woody
  • Interview with Nikolaus Job, Managing Partner and Director of Belantis
  • More than just slides! Hartwigsen conjures up children's water worlds
  • Targeted Investment: 30 million Euros for Aquapulco & Schallerbach Thermal Baths Austria
  • A Journey through Time: How the Vikings Came to England
  • interbad 2010 in Stuttgart
Special Feature
| Splash Adventures

Splash Adventures

The Hartwigsen company, located in Jettingen in the south of Germany, has repeatedly surprised the professional communities in recent years with a number of innovations, some of which can truly be categorized as revolutionary ...

Special Feature
| 20 Years of AQUAtoll

20 Years AQUAtoll

The sun, palm trees, and water - a Caribbean vacation right at your front door. Is there anyone who doesn't dream about this? And it was precisely the fulfillment of this dream for the residents of Neckarsulm, Germany that was ...

Special Feature
| Playground Safety

Playground Safety

Carousels, rollercoasters and rides of all types are classified as so-called "portable structures" and are subject to the strictest official norms, safety requirements and control provisions - at least in Germany. Here no ride can begin operation before ...

Special Feature
| Joris en de Draak

Joris en de Draak

Holland's Efteling amusement park received a new wooden rollercoaster on July 1st, marking a clever decision to invest in an exciting new coaster instaed of in the park's somewhat older "Pegasus" wooden coaster ...