Issue 5: September/October 2009

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • Pippi Longstocking Has Moved!
  • ring°racer - Moving Forward Under High Pressure
  • Fehmarn: Sun, Ocean, Jimi Hendrix & the "FehMare"
  • Tamina Thermal Spa Opened
  • Visiting Shakespeare
  • Beatlemania in Hamburg - There is Music Inside
Special Feature
| Tranan - der Kranich im Skara Sommarland
Skara Sommarland in Sweden installed a rollercoaster prototype for the start of this season, which not only picks up on the subject of flying in its design, but also impresses with a novel, freestyle riding experience ...

Special Feature
| Augmented Reality
The first experiments with augmented reality (AR) began in the IT field around two or three decades ago. Almost at the same time, initial attempts to describe AR were made by science fiction literati, who, as is well known, popularised the Internet long before it became widespread ...

Special Feature
| Cruise Liners

Cruise Liners

The business with cruise liners is booming. In 2008 almost one percent of the German population had taken a cruise (a 19 percent increase over the previous year). In Great Britain the proportion is twice as high and in the US, this quota even lied at four percent recently. Yet where is this boom coming from ...?

Special Feature
| Les Machines

Les Machines

Something magical is going on in France, something that's amazing children and adults, letting them dream, firing their imaginations and attracting them in masses. This is all happening in the west of France, in Nantes, ...