Issue 6: November/December 2010

Overview of Topics (Excerpt):

  • VDFU Summer Meeting 2010
  • New Thermal Spa in Baden, Switzerland designed by Star Architect Mario Botta
  • Hungarian History within Your Reach - History Adventure Park Opened
  • On the Development of Year-Round Alpine Destinations
  • Norms and Quality: Fall Protection for Amusement and Play Facilities and Equipment
  • Euro Attractions Show 2011 - A Lot of Traffic in Rome 
Special Feature
| SmartUS iGrid von Lappset

SmartUS iGrid von Lappset

Lappset assigend its engineers to develop a product that would motivate the game console generation to get back out onto the playground and exert itself both physically and intellectually ...

Special Feature
| Walygators Monster

Walygators Monster

The track is white-pink with black in some spots. Most of the columns are white, a few are yellow. The entrance area consists of a newly paved path enclosed by a building-site fence and flower beds ...

Special Feature
| Therme Wien

Therme Wien

Covering an overall area of 75,000 square meters, the new Therme Wien spa facility in Vienna, Austria can justifiably call itself Europe's largest municipal spa facility ...

Special Feature
| Adventure Stays

Adventure Stays

Actually it's nothing new. For many years now parks such as Europa-Park, Phantasialand, Heide-Park, Efteling and others have been providing adventure stays with their theme hotels. Despite this though, lately it almost seems like suddenly someone's triggered a landslide ...