Issue 6/2016: November/December 2016

Topic Overview (Excerpt):

  • Dubai News: Orlando 2.0?
  • Extraordinarily Different: Park Design in Japan
  • Huimala - Active FEC Action in Helsinki
  • Alpamare Scarborough: Alpine Bathing Fun
  • EWA Awards 2016
  • Dollywood's Splash Country Opens New Mat Racer
  • Financing - But HOW? Ideas for Financing Concepts
  • New Immersive Tunnel Concept: The Curse of Blackstorm Bay
  • Spinning Rapids Rides: A Large Water Slide and Water Rapids Ride Mix
  • EAS Trade Show Report 2016


Special Feature
| Giant Footsteps

Germany's New Dinosaur Park

Bavaria’s new dinosaur park in Altmühltal invites visitors to a journey through our planet’s history: During a walk through the forest they encounter numerous dinosaurs in life-size ...

Special Feature
| Spinning Rapids Ride

Water Slide Meets Rafting Fun

A spinning rapids ride is a mix between a large water slide and a water rapids ride, still not widely spread in European amusement parks. Their planning is demanding but they appeal to a large target group – a ride type with a lot of potential …

Special Feature
| EAS 2016

News From the Show Floor

What was new at this year’s Euro Attractions Show in Barcelona? Did the EAS meet the high expectations of exhibitors and visitors? Official figures of the IAAPA show a new record in participants – here you learn what was presented on the show floor …

Special Feature
| Alpamare Scarborough

Scarborough's New Water Park

At the end of June 2016, a new Alpamare adventure bathing operation opened in the British seaside resort of Scarborough, which attracts the guests with an Alpine-themed design concept ...