In summer 2023, the world’s first Airific Flying Theater from Mack Rides celebrated its premiere at the VinWonders theme park in Nha Trang, Vietnam. With this ride type from the “Tacumeon Rides” division for media-based attractions, Mack Rides redefines the theme park experience and offers visitors a breathtaking flight through impressive landscapes and adventures. Efficiency during loading and preparation time is maximized by the back-to-back configuration, which is unique to date. A total of 4 DOF – Heave, Pitch, Roll and Yaw – provide smooth and seamless movements during flight. The seats are equipped with a foldable roof, which supports easy loading and unloading. Wind, water and scent effects are integrated into the gondolas to complete the immersive experience. The interaction of the components makes for a unique attraction that sets new standards in immersive entertainment!