Junior Shuttle Coaster Family by Zamperla

Zamperla will present a new roller coaster generation during IAAPA EXPO Europe in London from September 13 to 15, 2022, with the “Junior Shuttle” coaster family for guests as of 90 cm tall (accompanied). It currently comprises two models: a classic family coaster that lets guests ride forwards and backwards along a 266-meter track, making up for over 680 m experience, and a second version identical in layout but where the train is additionally equipped with spinning cars. A switch, a spike element and a total of six launches characterize the new family coaster type, which promises thrills on a compact footprint with additional track elements such as a reverse spike, airtime hills, a flip turn and switches. In addition, Zamperla’s new booster wheel launch system is used, combining fast acceleration with optimized electrical efficiency. There are no gearboxes, and replacing the launch unit when needed takes only minutes instead of hours. The spinning gondolas of the Junior Shuttle Spinning version also ensure an always different riding experience. The Junior Shuttle Family – a new generation of roller coasters from Zamperla!