For over 20 years, Neveplast has been standing for family tradition, combining technology with Italian creativity and most of all, passion for skiing. With its latest innovation called “NP30 FREESKI”, the company aims at revolutionizing the artificial ski slopes’ industry. While the “NP30 ALPINE” surface simulates skiing on a layer of hard and compact snow, the new FREESKI feels more like natural snow thanks to the revolutionary technology applied and the different pattern of the stems, which guarantees an easy side grip. FREESKI is ideal for everyone looking for pure fun and adrenaline. It satisfies all kinds of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts: beginners and freestylers. In a few words, it is user-friendly and “forgives little mistakes”. FREESKI is also ideal for pro riders willing to improve their style and technique, as they look for excellent slipperiness and optimal side grip. As other Neveplast products, NP30 FREESKI is environment-friendly and completely regenerable, and its usage contributes to saving great amounts of electricity and water. It is ideal in every season, even in the summer, when snow is not an option in many places.