08 Oct 2021

Germany: Large Investment Planned for Tropical Islands

©Tropical IslandsFollowing last week’s announcement that Wouter Dekkers passes on his position as General Manager of Tropical Islands to Thorsten Christopher Jung to now serve as Corporate Development Director directly for the Parques Reunidos operating group (see EAP news of 27 Sep 2021), information follows on the future plans for the tropical bathing destination. Until 2026, some 113 million Euros are planned to be invested into the vacation destination, which is part of Parques Reunidos, foremost in order to refurbish and modernize the facility. Some 15 million Euros of that sum will be invested into the refurbishment of the domed roof. Additionally, new family-friendly attractions such as water slides as well as new accommodation facilities in the outdoor area are planned. Furthermore, the plan may include an underground entertainment area, because – according to the destination – “visitors felt disturbed by the shows inside the dome.“ (eap)