13 Oct 2021

Netherlands: “Green light” Given for Realization of the World Food Center Experience in Ede

In Ede, province of Gelderland, the “World Food Center Experience” will be created as part of the World Food Center – the approval for the realization of the visitor edutainment center was recently granted by the responsible municipal council with a large majority. The themed complex, which is expected to welcome its first visitors in 2023, will invite guests on a personal journey through the world of food production with a focus on the role of the Netherlands – the European country is considered the second most productive food growing region in the world and makes a major contribution to feeding people.

Visitors will be challenged to test their knowledge of food and how it is cultivated and consumed around the world. To put them at the heart of the experience, they become positioned as heroes in the quest to improve food production worldwide. This is to be done through multi-sensory experiences that reveal the challenges of world food systems and the tangible, actionable solutions for what they can do to care for humankind and the planet. The aim is to make guests feel optimistic and inspire them to make a difference in food consumption themselves. BRC Imagination Arts from California has been commissioned with the concept development and design planning for the experience.

The World Food Center in Ede is an urban space development on former barracks grounds where scientific institutions, food enterprises and residential complexes are already located and under construction. (eap)