19 Nov 2021

China/UK: Legoland Shanghai – First Building Bricks in Place

The development of LEGOLAND® destinations in Asia is proceeding rapidly. In August, Merlin Entertainments announced the construction start of LEGOLAND Resort Shenzhen, the world‘s largest LEGOLAND Resort ever built (see EAP news of 26 Aug 2021). Additionally, the group announced the opening date for LEGOLAND Korea for May 2022 in October (see EAP news of 8 Oct 2021). And, just now, the construction start for LEGOLAND Shanghai Resort has been announced as well. The new LEGO® theme park complex, which is financed by Jinshan Urban Construction Investment Group, KIRKBI, Merlin Entertainments and CMC Inc., will be developed on a ground space of 31.8 hectares and is scheduled to open in 2024.

Visitors to the theme park will be able to enjoy eight different areas, most of them known from the existing LEGOLAND destinations. One new and special area will be “Monkie Kid™“, which will be based on the novel “Journey to the West“ and the 500-year-old legend of the “Monkey King“ to connect Chinese children with their heritage in a playful way.

Nick Varney, Chief Executive of Merlin, is excited for the new destination: “[…] Shanghai was chosen as the ideal destination for our Resort as it offers the perfect mix of Chinese and Western elements and is recognised as the centre of the economy, finance, culture, and trade for China. The official start of construction and this groundbreaking is a great achievement for Merlin Entertainments, and this continues our ambition to bring more memorable experiences to families and visitors in China.”

“We are very pleased to bring a world-class, international theme park to more Chinese consumers. The design of the Resort incorporates many of the most iconic LEGOLAND experiences, as well as elements of traditional Chinese and Shanghai culture. We aim to provide visitors with diversified, interactive, immersive and fun theme park experiences that will enhance the connection between parents and their children,” adds Jeanette Chen, General Manager of LEGOLAND Shanghai Resort. (eap)