24 Nov 2021

„Le Grand Tour“ – Puy du Fou Announces 4,000 km Train Travel Adventure Across France

With its historic theme park Le Grand Parc du Puy du Fou in France, attracting more than two million visitors annually, another theme park opened in Spain in Toledo in 2021 (Puy du Fou España, cf. EAP 3/2021), two new Puy du Fou night shows to be created at two different locations in China (cf. EAP news of 8 Nov 2019 & 25 May 2021) as well as the launch of an own video game, which has been announced for 2022 (cf. EAP news of 30 Aug 2021), Puy du Fou has already become a considerable player in the international entertainment industry with its extraordinary concepts.

Now the company is venturing a next big and unusual step in entertainment, announcing a 4,000-kilometer train travel adventure across France for 2023. For this purpose, the company has established Compagnie de France, a 100 percent private rail company that will carry travelers on the national rail network all year round – a first in France, where until a new law was passed in early 2021, to open up competition, all train companies have been state-owned or semi-public. The route for this exceptional and exclusive rail adventure on the country’s most legendary lines was worked out together with the French railroad company SNCF Résaeau, which owns a large part of the network in France.

The planned route of the \"Grand Tour\" across France.

During the six-day round trip in a real train designed in the style of the “Belle Époque”, during which the guests move through the country – virtually like in the “Orient Express” in comfortable, private passenger cabins with WiFi and a personal train attendant on board – off the tourist routes in the footsteps of French artists, stops are made at various symbolic places along the route to meet historical personalities and to experience extraordinary things in the Puy du Fou manner. Stops include Reims, Beaune, Annecy, Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Arcachon, Chenonceaux Castle, and Puy du Fou. The train consists of five passenger carriages (15 cabins) and also includes two dining cars, a bar car and three carriages for the staff. A total of 30 passengers can take part in each trip. The tour includes six days and five nights, all-inclusive, and starts at a travel price of 4,900 euros per person. (eap)