04 Dec 2006

The Europa Park Think Tank: No Two Christmases Are Alike

An “enchanting winter season” and a park decorated in Santa Claus red – that’s what the park had to offer last year. But with 10,128 Father, Mother and Child Christmases, a world record was reached on the 2nd of December! Compared to last year, more than twice the number of “redcoats” came to Rust this year. After gathering in the British-themed area, they set out all over the park, spreading fantastic holiday spirit everywhere.

And, once again, Europa Park also has something new in its repertoire: the new polar bar “Glaciar” located in the Spanish-themed area beckons visitors to ice-cooled drinks in an icy ambience with temperatures below zero: 30 tons of ice, snow granulate, -11°C. Up to 30 guests can enjoy cool drinks in the icy temperatures of the new “Glaciar” bar’s glacier atmosphere. Wrapped in special coats manufactured in Scandinavia to protect them from the cold and surrounded by filigree ice sculptures, guests can not only enjoy their drinks, but also the ice bar’s unusual ambience: all of its furnishings have been crafted from crystal-clear blocks of ice. “Glaciar” is open to the public until the 7th of January. (eap)