22 Jun 2022

Germany: Hi-Fly Hilden Expands Visitor Offering by New Multiplayer Experience

Since the end of 2016, visitors have been jumping all over the black and pink trampoline surfaces at Hi-Fly Hilden. Now, the indoor trampoline park supplemented its extensive offer with a new multiplayer experience, which is a world premiere at the same time. For a few days now, visitors here have been able to enjoy the „ValoArena“, a multiplayer mixed reality gaming arena from Finnish manufacturer Valo Motion. Hilden marks the first ever installation of this product type outside of Finland. During the game, players (up to six people) are collecting points by running or jumping to avoid obstacles. Players can see the digital content via two large, opposing screens.

“We always observe what is happening on the market, and we got ValoArena because it helps us to stay relevant and modern. Today’s kids play a lot on cell phones and screens, and at Hi-Fly, movement is important to us. ValoArena is great because it combines movement with kids’ love of digital entertainment. It’s also a social activity, which makes it really fun for friends and families to do together. ValoArena adds value to our park and ticket prices because it’s easy to access, it has no wearables, and it saves staffing costs,” says Lasse Buschmann, CEO of Hi-Fly.

Hi-Fly also operates a second location in Mönchengladbach. (eap)