20 Feb 2012

„Landora“ – A New Theme Park in Istanbul

The new theme park Landora was opened near Istanbul in October 2011. Valerio Mazzoli, a well-known Italian designer in the leisure industry who decided to move to Orlando / Florida with his company “Valerio Mazzoli Studios” more about three years ago, did the master planning of the new Turkish theme park. The property investor of the park (part of a complex with shopping mall, convention center and further offers) is ORA Istanbul. The American company ITPS (International Theme Park Services) was assigned to operate and manage the park, while Thomas Kaferle is the park’s General Manager. Davide Simon Mazzoli, son of Valerio Mazzoli, was responsible for the concept of the story the theming of the park is based on. Around 20 rides like rollercoaster, bumper cars, drop tower, etc. were supplied by I.E. Park. (eap)