14 Apr 2017

Italy: “Master Thai“ at Mirabilandia Attracts Visitors with New VR Experience

Mirabilandia’s “Master Thai” racing and “Möbius” coaster, which was opened in August 2011 (c.p. EAP, 6/11), offers guests a new virtual reality (VR) experience starting this Easter weekend. Once the riders have taken their seats, they put on Samsung VR glasses to be immersed into a Thai jungle back in the year 1942, where they encounter Alex, an adventurous archaeologist, who has found an ancient treasure map that leads to a lost temple. No time to waste, Alex and the guests have to reach their destination before their adversaries, the soldiers, arrive … During the ride, guests “should keep their finger on the trigger” and be ready to react to insidious soldiers, skeletons and frightening spiders.

The VR technology for “Master Thai” was developed together with Germany’s VR Coaster company, the 3D animation and the gamification were created by Max Valley from Madrid/Spain. (eap)