11 Oct 2017

Germany: Therme Erding Executives Tested New Slide Wheel Attraction

Jörg Wund (r.) und Marcus Maier zeigten sich begeistert vom Slide Wheel

Jörg Wund, Owner of Germany’s Therme Erding (Wund group of companies) and Marcus Maier, Manager of the Galaxy Erding slide park, have tested the so-called “Slide Wheel” – a new water slide model, which turns on its own axis similar to a Ferris Wheel (cf. our report in EAP, 6/13). Up to four persons can slide on a raft uphill and down again – the experience lasts approx. 1.5 minutes, including fast and slow sliding sections through the intertwined tubes of the 24 meter high attraction.

After having tested the Slide Wheel, Marcus Maier was impressed by this new type of attraction: “The Slide Wheel offers a new dimension of sliding fun. Before the start, you can already feel the adrenaline as you still have no idea which kind of experience is expecting you. It can be described as an unpredictable white water raft tour. I was really surprised of how much fun it is and I’m looking forward to further tests on the Slide Wheel. We should really think about installing such an attraction at Galaxy Erding,” said Maier. Wund added: “Our strategy is to accept new challenges to set new trends, leading to the success of Therme Erding. We thank Wiegand Maelzer for this bold idea and congratulate them on the invention of this innovative new slide.”

Wiegand Maelzer has sold its first slide wheel to Chinese Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou – it is scheduled to open on April 1st, 2018 (cf. EAP, 5/17). (eap)