12 Oct 2017

Spain/USA: Is SeaWorld Close to Be Sold?

Following the rumors according to which Merlin Entertainments would be interested in purchasing the U.S. SeaWorld parks (operated by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment) located in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio (what according to current media reports has already been denied by the British operating group), recent news (e.g. Bloomberg & El Economista) say that Madrid-based Parques Reunidos has joined the circle of interested parties. However, an official statement about the potential deal has not been released by the group.

The SeaWorld parks, which are owned by the Blackstone Group, have suffered a blow after the documentary “Blackfish” from producer Gabriela Cowperthwaite, accusing SeaWorld of mistreating its killer whales. This past Tuesday, the shares of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment rose 3.6 percent in pre-market trading, increasing the company’s market value to approx. 1.1 billion Euros (1.3 billion US-Dollars). Parques Reunidos, which is currently operating more than 60 attractions worldwide, has a current market value of about 1.05 billion Euros (1.25 billion US-Dollars). (eap)