03 Aug 2018

USA: Hersheypark Announces New Dark Ride for Summer 2019

Located in Hershey/Pennsylvania, Hersheypark has announced plans to open a new interactive dark ride attraction in summer 2019, featuring the popular Hershey chocolate brand Reese’s. The attraction, which will be named “Reese’s Cupfusion”, will be equipped with a multi-level game play creating an interactive experience for the whole family. According to the storyline, riders will get immersed into the role of an agent trainee working at Reese’s Central, a futuristic factory for the production of tasty peanut butter-chocolate cups. At the heart of the factory is the legendary “Crystal Cup”, which powers the plant and is to be protected from malicious thieves. In order to solve their mission, guests shoot on different targets, from static objects to media-based elements.

“We are thrilled to announce the one-of-a-kind gaming attraction that is Reese’s Cupfusion. We pride ourselves on creating unique and memorable family experiences that can only be enjoyed at Hersheypark and this new attraction will do just that,” said Kevin Stumpf, VP of Sports & Attractions at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts.

Jacksonville’s Sally Corporation will supply the ride and show, the attraction design will be carried out by Middle Grove/NY-based Raven Sun Creative. With four-person cars and two cars per train, the ride will reach an estimated capacity of 540 persons per hour. Hersheypark will invest a total sum of approx. 8.6 million Euros (ten million US Dollar). (eap)