22 Jan 2019

Spain: Puy du Fou Celebrates Groundbreaking in Toledo – First Evening Show to be Premiered in August 2019

Last week, the foundation stone was laid for the first spin-off of French Puy du Fou theme park, which is currently under development in the Spanish city of Toledo (cf. EAP News from May 24th, 2018). Within the next years, the location will be transformed into a family theme park where Spain’s history will come alive in elaborate live shows, tying in with the success of Puy du Fou in France.

In addition, the title of the first evening show of the new park has been revealed: “El Sueño de Toledo” (Engl.: “The Dream of Toledo”), which will be premiered on August 30th this year, will take the audience on a 70-minute journey through Spain’s history. From the Kingdom of the Visigoths (around 500 AD) to the Battle of Navas de Tolosa (1212 AD) and the discovery of America (1492) to the construction of the first railway in the country – over 1,500 years of history will be staged.

The show will be performed on an area of five hectares, with seating for up to 4,000 guests. The technological equipment will include 800 projectors, 28 HD video projectors and 60 water spray jets, in addition to a range of other special effects. After its premiere in August, the evening show will be performed 14 more times this year.

Find out more about Puy du Fou’s future development plans for its new park in Toledo in our next EAP issue (2/2019), to be published on March 1st. (eap)