15 Mar 2019

Poland: 45-Metre Deep Diving Pool to Be Built Near Warsaw – Opening Scheduled for Autumn 2019

1: © Flyspot

In the Polish city of Mszczonów, which is located around one hour’s drive southwest of Warsaw, construction works for a new Deepspot pool facility are underway, which with a diving pool of 45 meters depth will be especially aimed at divers. As of autumn this year, both beginners and professional divers will be able to do training courses and tune their diving abilities in a controlled environment. Spectators can watch them standing in an integrated underwater tunnel. In addition, the facility will feature conference and training rooms as well as hotel rooms. The project is directed by Poland’s Flyspot company, which operates equally named wind tunnel attractions and a Boeing 737 flight simulator in Warsaw. The water filtration system for the new dive pool will be installed by British Certikin company.

Diving fans can already find a similar offer in the Millepini Hotel & Spa in Northern Italy, which features a “Y-40” divers’ pool with a depth of 40 meters. An even more sophisticated project is planned to be realized in England with a 50 meter deep pool (and 42,000 cubic metres water volume) as part of the Blue Abyss commercial training and research center for the fields of diving and aerospace. (eap)