14 May 2019

UK: “The London Resort“ Project Update: LRCH & ITV Studios Enter into License Agreement for IP-based Attractions

The London Resort Company Holdings (LRCH) and British ITV Studios television production company recently entered into a license agreement to create IP-based attractions and media content for the new The London Resort entertainment complex, which is currently in its planning phase and is set to be developed close to the small town of Swanscombe (British county of Kent), around half-an-hour’s drive away from London. Thanks to the new cooperation, plans for the new leisure destination initially developed under the Paramount brand (the cooperation with Paramount ended in 2017; cf. EAP News f. June 24th, 2017) are becoming more precise again.

The entertainment complex is set to arise on a site of over 216 hectares (535 acres) comprising a theme park, a water park, entertainment offerings and a 3,500-room hotel, amongst other offerings (cf. EAP News f. July 28th, 2017). According to the developers, there will be a period of consultation later this year so that the planning application can be finalized and submitted after that. The opening of The London Resort is now foreseen for 2024. (eap)