15 May 2019

China: Hong Kong Science Museum Presented Animated Projection of Historical Map

As part of a special exhibition featuring the Silk Road, the Hong Kong Science Museum in Hong Kong’s Kowloon urban district recently presented a 32 x 3 meter edge blending projection of a historic map of the ancient trade route, which was originally painted for the Chinese Emperor Jiajing who reigned the country from 1521 to 1567. Over 200 clearly marked cities – from Jiayuguan in the Chinese Gansu province to Mecca in Saudi Arabia – could be seen on the animated digital exhibit. Two “Pixera two” media servers with four outputs each and the corresponding control software from Austrian AV Stumpfl company were used for the projection, as well as eight laser projectors from Vivitek (a company of Delta Group).

Cosmo Pro-AV, the Hong Kong-based sales partner of AV Stumpfl, was in charge of the conception and technical installation of the map projection. “The Hong Kong Science Museum approached us to provide a comprehensive solution for the edge blending projection. The system needed to be flexible above all else, as the museum planned to experiment with multi-layered playback, bringing the traditional art pieces to life with animations […],” explains Cosmo Pro-AV’s Jason Yeung. (eap)