03 Mar 2010

Gauls in Austria!


In the skiing region Galsterberg in Austria, the children adventure land “Galstiland” in which visitors can discover Gauls and Romans has been opened this winter.
As all of these regions are famous for their various ski offers, it is very important for them to offer something special and rare in order to entice visitors. So at Galsterberg one decided to create a Gallic ski village that was realized by the companies Input and Pronatour. An 81 meter-long so-called “magic carpet” (conveyor), on which the kids stand with their skis, carries them uphill to the entrance of the village. Two highly visible ten meter-high snow figures, “Galsterix“ and “Bottelix”, appear there. The operator, the Galsterbergalm Bahnen GmbH invested 200,000 Euros in the first phase of the project. (eap)