10 Jun 2019

Germany: Giant Walkable Circular Wood Structure Draws Visitors to Bavaria’s Steinberger See

© Almholz

With a height of 40 meters and a diameter of 50 meters, the new walkable circular wood structure at Germany’s Steinberger See (a lake in Bavaria near Regensburg) is already an eye-catcher from afar. Up to 950 visitors can walk through the circular wood structure at the same time, exploring over 30 experience and activity stations on several levels. Two suspension bridges can be crossed at a height of 25 meters; also there is a giant slide that leads down twelve floors. From the top height of 40 meters, guests can enjoy the view on Lake Steinberg.

According to the attraction’s manufacturers Almholz and Sunkid the new walkable circular wood structure is the largest of its kind so far. A total of 627 cubic meters of glulam, 190 tonnes of steel parts, 180 square meters of solid wood and 2,200 running meters of railings were used for the construction. (eap)