13 Aug 2019

Hong Kong: Ocean Park CEO Matthias Li Announces His Retirement for 2020

Matthias Li (photo), CEO of Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, recently announced his plans to retire on 1st July 2020. After joining the park’s management team in 1994 as Finance Director and Corporate Secretary and being promoted to Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer in 2007, Li was named Chief Executive of Ocean Park in 2016. In his roles, he significantly contributed to the park´s redevelopment from 2005 to 2012, which included the addition of over 70 attractions to develop the park from a local theme park to a world-class destination (cp. EAP 2/2013).

After 25 years, Li takes his leave gratefully: “It has been a true honour to lead a unique theme park that champions education, conservation and entertainment: It is an opportunity of a lifetime to be part of a leadership team to build a world-class resort destination from a home-grown theme park. […]”

Leo Kung, Chairman of Ocean Park, expresses his gratitude to Li: “[…] I would like to express our deepest gratitude to Matthias for his outstanding work and commitment over the past 25 years in building and growing the park to what it is today. His stewardship and quest for innovation have resulted in remarkable enhancements in the park […].”

In the future, the park plans to make further investments in the development of its visitor offer to further consolidate its position as a leading international leisure destination. The park has started a global search for a new CEO. (eap)