20 Aug 2019

Belgium: Alterface Appoints Gillian Basso as Chief Information Officer

Alterface recently announced the appointment of Gillian Basso as new Chief Information Officer. In his new role, Basso will be responsible for driving innovation across interactive attractions in the themed entertainment market.

He obtained a Ph. D. in Computer Science at Université de technologie de Belfort Montbéliard (UTBM) in France, a Master degree in Interactivity and a Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence. Gillian Basso will lead the Alterface sofware division and the recast of the company‘s "Alterface Salto™" show controle software. “I have been impressed with the existing technology at Alterface, which will be a solid base to incorporate new findings on XR, AI, multi-agent and data processing. It’s a wonderful challenge to infuse my academic backround into real applications […],“ says Basso.

Benoit Cornet, CEO/Founder of Alterface, comments: “We are very pleased to welcome Gillian to our team. He brings a wealth of technology expertise and know-how in the fields of simulation and interactivity. His mission ist to keep Alterface at the forefront of interactice technology so we can continue to offer the most innovative user-centric attractions […].“ (eap)