03 Sep 2019

Germany: German Parks and Attractions Recognized as Family-Friendly Businesses

v.l.: ZOOM Erlebniswelt (© Jochen Tack), Movie Park Germany (© fotocruz) und Ravensburger Spieleland (© Ravensburger Freizeit & Promotion GmbH)



Service Value GmbH – in cooperation with WELT AM SONNTAG and Goethe University Frankfurt – conducted a customer survey and recently published this year‘s results on family-friendly businesses in Germany. The German leisure parks are in front of the overall industry statistics. At the forefront there is ZOOM Erlebniswelt with a total of 83.8 FES (Family Experience Score), second is Movie Park Germany (81.2 FES) and third Ravensburger Spieleland (79.1 FES).

The top 10 of the family-friendly businesses include seven businesses of the leisure industry. Other than the already mentioned businesses are the indoor playground Pippolino (79.9 FES), which is based in Duisburg-Wedau, the holiday park company Landal GreenParks (77.9 FES), the Chocolate Museum Cologne (76.0 FES) and the Badeparadies Schwarzwald (75.2 FES). “To be treatet well and get personal advices by the employees of a business, makes families feel welcome and leads to a positive association,“ explains Dr. Claus Detholff, Managing Director ServiceValue GmbH.

The current ranking involves 530 businesses of 65 industries. 54,000 families with one or more than one child were asked about attention, patience, helpfulness, flexibility and improvisation at a business. The FES concentrates eight performance featuresin a total value on a scale from 0 to 100.