04 Sep 2019

Spain: Puy du Fou España Celebrates Successful Premiere of Its “El Sueño de Toledo” Night Spectacular

After the premiere of “El Sueño de Toledo” – the first night show of future Puy du Fou España theme park (cp. EAP News of 22 Jan 2019) – which took place on the park grounds this past Friday with a total of 4,000 spectators, including guests from politics and economy, tickets for all further show dates this year were sold out. Two further dates have already been scheduled by the park, pushing the expectation of 60,000 spectators this year by a further possible 8,000 guests.

As soon as the new park, which is the first offshoot of successful Puy du Fou theme park in France, opens its doors in 2021, visitors to the park will be able to enjoy four historic show performances a day. In addition, the 30 hectare large site will feature three historical villages as theme areas.

Nicolas de Villiers, President of Puy du Fou, will talk about the success of the outstanding park concept and further expansion plans on an international level during the “Leadership Breakfast”, which will take place on the second day of IAAPA Expo Europe in Paris later this month (cp. our trade show preview in EAP 5/2019). (eap)