16 Sep 2019

Germany: Snow Dome Bispingen Is Now Berg & Tal Abenteuer Resort

In the wake of the change of ownership back in 2015 (cf. EAP-News of 19 Sep 2015), the Snow Dome Bispingen announced to add new indoor and outdoor attractions in order to attract non-skiers as well. Since July 2019, the facility has been operating under its new name of Berg & Tal Abenteuer Resort.

The new highlight of the resort will be the “Modellbauwelten“ (eng.: miniature model world) in the underground facilities of the ski area Snow Dome and will open in April 2020. On a ground of 12,000 square metres, they will develop 50 miniature theme areas, where 500 model trains in a scale of 1:22.5 run a 20-kilometre long track system. “It is all digital,“ reveals Volker Hansen, Techical Manager. With VR glasses, guests can experience a virtual ride on the trains. The operators hope for an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Besides the Modellbauwelten the resort will also be opening an oldtimer museum names “Automobile Zeitzeugen“ (eng.: automobile contemporary witnesses) with interactive attractions and a hotel. In addition, an adventure playground,, an adventure golf area and another accomodation facilities in the form of log cabins are planed. According to Frank Blin, Managing Director, the owners are investing more than ten million euros in the expansion oft he leisure area. (eap