11 Oct 2019

Denmark: Artificial Ski Slope Copenhill Now Open in Copenhagen

The time is finally here, the Copenhill ski slope is now open to the public, the first artificial ski slope on the roof of a waste-to-energy plant (we reported on this in EAP 1/2019). The 400 meter long dry slope starts in a height of 90 metres on the roof of the futuristic building, which was designed by renowend architechture firm Bjarke&Ingels, and leads down to the ground. Copenhill is also the new name of the waste incineration plant, which provides over 160,000 households with district heating and is by now one of the landmarks of the capital‘s skyline. Italy-based company Neveplast produced the all-new synthetic material for the ski slope, which provides skiers with a skiing comfort as naturally as possible and is open all year long. By the colors black for experts, blue for starters and green for the shared slope at the end, the track is divided into three different sections. A lift inside the building provides transportation to the different starts of the sections.

Niccoló Bertocchi, CEO Neveplast, is happy about the result: “The slope is truly beautiful, the scenic effect for those coming from the centre is astonishing. I’m satisfied with the smoothness of the slope, which enhances the technical skills of even those who are already good at skiing. […]“ (eap)