07 Nov 2019

USA: Animax Designs Presents New Technical Design Team

v.l. Thomas Ring, Paul Fly, Chris Lee, Tommy Schatz-Thompson und Michael T. SchupbachAnimax Designs Inc.

The US-american animatronics manufacturer Animax Designs just announced personnel changes. To establish the company in the leisure and entertainment business even more, Animax now created “Technical Design Team“, which will overlook the technical design and production. Chris Lee was hired to be the Director of Technical Design. “It’s the combination of career and personal experience that made Chris a standout candidate for the director position. He has a unique skillset that will assist us in our rapid growth as we continue to innovate the future of animatronics“, said Steve Andersen, Vice President of Operations at Animax. With his 30 years of work experience and his former position as CTO at media company Anode, Inc., Lee has great know-how in the field. In addition to this he also has great technical skills and electro-mechanical fabrication experience, because he knows how to build cinematic-quality robotic replicas and animatronics.

Lee and four Technical Design Managers – Animax employees Thomas Ring, Michael T. Shupbach, Paul Fly and Tommy Schatz-Thompson – will complete the Technical Design Team. The team will overlook the whole process of designing, developing and constructing the technical characters. Chuck Fawcett, President and CEO of Animax Designs, points out: “The level of complexity in the characters we are now designing and building requires a team to help drive non-conventional thinking, while at the same time understanding the fundamental components required in bringing three dimensional characters to life in the most life-like ways. The addition of Chris Lee and the team is a unique appoach in the industry and one we believe will keep Animax Designs ahead of the competition.“ (eap)