26 Nov 2019

“Prehistoric Safari » – Dinosaurs Conquer Jardin d’Acclimatation

Cha Gonzalez / Agence Le Journal

Since 15 November and until 5 January 2020 visitors to the leisure park Jardin d’Acclimatation in Paris are able to experience a very special evening event on certain days of the week: from 6pm to 10pm, guests can immerse themselves into the prehistoric world of the primeval saurian, accompanied by dynamic video projections and dinosaur animatronics. The main attractions of the park are also part of the nighttime spectacle and have been renamed accordingly – “Spino-Rockets” (“Speed-Rockets”, the Bobsled Coaster from Gerstlauer), “Machine à Dino” (“Machine à Vapeur”, rollercoaster from Soquet), “Prehistoric Immersion” (“Wild Immersion” VR adventure, cp. EAP news of 7 Mar 2019) and “Rivière des Dinosaurs” (“Rivière Enchantée”, a boat ride).

All in all, 17 dynamic video mapping projections, ten dinosaur animatronic figures, the four main attractions including the VR adventure, two so-called dino-boxes as well as a show called “Igor Vanzane – L’homme qui vit avec les dinosaurs” (Eng.: “Igor Vanzane – living with dinosaurs”) let visitors dive into the prehistoric era of the dinosaurs. The nighttime spectacle was created by the scenographer Julien Nonnon, French artist and co-founder of the Le3 design studio. (eap)