28 Nov 2019

Denmark: Kopenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens Opens New Coaster “The Milky Way Express“

Right in time for Christmas season Tivoli Gardens, which is located in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, opens its new roller coaster “The Milky Way Express“ today. The new coaster replaces the old “Odin Express“, which has retired after 30 million guest rides. With a maximum speed of 36 km/h, the train speeds through the galaxy-themed tracks passing stars and planets. In the ten wagons of the coaster train, 38 guests at a time can take a ride. On a 300 metre long track system guests will be able to experience a maximum height of 16 metres and 3,6 G forces. “The Milky Way Express […] will become one of the wildest Tivoli rides when it comes to turns and speed in the curves,“ promises Jacob Helenius, Design Director at Tivoli. Tivoli Gardens invested around 7.4 million EUR (55 million DKK) in the new coaster experience from ride manufaturer MACK. Head of the attraction-design was the Tivoli Creative Development team. (eap)