04 Aug 2009

Wels, Austria: Science Centre Scheduled to Open in the Spring of 2011


Austria’s first science centre ever is being constructed at the fairgrounds in the city of Wels and is set to open by the spring of 2011. The focal point of the future world of knowledge: renewable energy. The company Petri & Tiemann (of Bremen/Hamburg), well-known and experienced especially in the area of science centres, was awarded the contract for planning and operating this visitor magnet. The contracts were signed together with the city of Wels and the state of Upper Austria. The property at the fairgrounds is 4,175 square metres large and 22 million euros have been estimated as the investment total. With the conclusion of the architectural competition in which 38 international offices participated, the project has been lent a face: the architecture firm “Archinauten” of Linz is responsible for the structure of the construction. Petri & Tiemann has been overseeing the project ever since the first brainstorming sessions were held back in 2002, and is responsible both for carrying out the concept for the exhibition orientated on renewable energy and energy efficiency (in collaboration with the interior design firm mgp ErlebnisRaumDesign GmbH), and for the future operation together with partners Kraftwerk Living Technologies (based in Wels) and the city of Wels. The project will gain a unique selling point due to the fact that it is the only science centre in the world of this type which concentrates on the issues of renewable energy and energy efficiency. (eap)