27 Jul 2009

Gera: Feasibility Study Presented for Open-Air Bath


The Thuringian city of Gera has a good chance of getting a new open-air pool at the Hofwiesenbad swimming facility by the time the 2011 swimming season rolls around! Lord Mayor Dr Norbert Vornehm wants to present the city council with a corresponding proposal this autumn. This will be based on a feasibility study contracted by the city, which the mayor presented to the press in late May. The profitability prognosis of the GMF Gesellschaft für Entwicklung und Management von Freizeitsystemen GmbH & Co. KG (company for recreational system development and management) showed that in comparison to today’s Hofwiesenbad, operating expenses could be cut by nearly 400,000 euros through the combination of an open-air pool and indoor pool.  “The expenditures for the cost of capital for the new construction of an open-air bath and simultaneous improvement of the indoor pool and sauna are largely covered by this,” as Dr Vornehm sums up the analysis. If the council follows his proposal, a call for tenders could be made for the specific plans, and the budgetary funds could be provided in 2010. This in turn would mean that a go-ahead for the start of construction could possibly be given sometime from 2010 on. GMF estimates the investment costs will run at a total of roughly 5.5 million euros. (eap)