15 Jan 2020

Singapur: Resorts World Sentosa – Crane Dance & Maritime Experiential Museum to Close in March

© Resorts World Sentosa On March 2nd, 2020 the Resorts World Sentosa will take the next step in its “RWS 2.0“ expansion and transformation project, redeveloping the waterfront promenade (cf. EAP news 3 Apr 2019). Part of this redevelopment is the closing of two attractions sites – the Crane Dance and the Maritime Experiential Museum. Both attractions will be open to visitors until March 1st, 2020. Until then, the Crane Dance shows off its nightly performance, featuring digital art, light and water effects and pyrotechnics to tell the lovestory of two cranes. According to Resorts World Sentosa, this 30-metre-high installation is one of the world’s largest “dancing“ animatronics. The 10-year-old attraction will be replaced by a new public attraction in the future.

The Maritime Experiential Museum is dedicated to the exploration of the Silk Route and sea trade betweet Asia and the Middle East. It comprises 15 immersive galleries with visual projections, multimedia shows, interactive hands-on exhibits, shipwreck artefacts and other features. As part of the RWS 2.0 redevelopment process the museum will becopme part of the S.E.A. Aquarium, which will be expanded and rebranded as the Singapore Oceanarium.

Furthermore, the whole RWS 2.0 development includes the creation of a new “Waterfront Lifestyle Complex“ with two new hotels and several day and night dining options. (eap)