12 Feb 2020

Netherlands: Toverland With New Visitor Record in 2019

Netherland’s Toverland looks back on a successful park season 2019 with a new record of 862,000 visitors, which is a plus of 50,000 guests in comparison to the previous season. In 2018, the park saw a major expansion with the opening of the “Avalon“ themed area (cf. EAP 5/2018) and the “Port Laguna“ entrance portal. Thanks to this investment and the park‘s themed events such as Midsummer and Halloween, Toverland is now recording this positive increase of visitors, according to the park.

“We are very happy about the increased visitor numbers. We invested a lot in the development of the park and its events. […],“ comments Jean Gelissen jr, park director. Future plans include the creation of new themed events, in order to break the barrier of one million visitors. Furthermore, the park will extend its main season opening from 28 March to 8 November 2020. Also in the “pipeline“ is the development of a four star hotel, turning Toverland into a resort.

For more information about the results of the past park season in Euorpe and an outlook to new attractions coming up this year, don’t miss our annual park report in our upcoming magazine issue 2/2020 (March/April). (eap)