13 Feb 2020

Germany: Rostock Zoo to Build New Seal Enclosure in 2021

Germany’s Rostock Zoo is home to 4,200 animals from 430 different species. With about 650,000 visitors in 2019, it is among the most popular leisure destinations at the German Baltic coast. In the future, the zoological garden will continue to modernize its animal enclosures in order to further improve the animal welfare standards by providing animals with a species-appropriate environment, according to zoo director Udo Nagel. In the next two years, the “Ibis Aviary“ and the reconstructed and enlarged lynx enclosure will open, in addition to smaller developments. The most comprehensive project will be the creation of a new seal enclosure. “This new facility will be 2,500 square metres large, including a large-scale exhibition hall and a roofed visitors area. It will replace the old seal enclosure on the west side of the zoo. The start of the construction is planned for spring 2021,“ comments Robert Maaß, project manager.

Antje Angeli, zoo curator, explains the new facility‘s structure: “We are building this new enclosure for our four common seals and five South African fur seals. The new facility will be separated into a pool and a land area and also feature a barrier enclosure. In the future, six grown-ups will be able to live in each enclosure with their cubs. We attach great importance to a resource-saving filter system that optimizes the water quality and gives our visitors exciting underwater views.“

In addition, the new facility will also feature small islands and climbing rocks for the animals as well as large pools, so visitors will be able to observe the seals in different environments. In addition, a new exhibition area will be located next to the seal area, which will show the sea currents and marine mammals of the Baltic Sea and its protected areas, to inform and educate guests about this environment. The total investment amounts to seven million Euros, 80 percent of the eligible costs of which will be financed by the Ministry of Economics of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. (eap)