17 Mar 2009

Keukenhof / Netherlands: Anniversary Show Starts in Mid-March


Keukenhof is opening its doors for the 60th international flower show on the 18th of March 2009. The show will run for eight weeks and around 800,000 visitors from all around the world are expected in Lisse during this time. Keukenhof will thus be making a significant contribution to the welfare of the regional and Dutch national tourism sector. Annual yields here are several million euros. Nearly one hundred bulb growers are among the main suppliers. Since the start of the show 60 years ago, more than 43 million people have visited this park, which is well worth seeing. Over the past few weeks and months, a total of roughly seven million bulbs were planted so that Keukenhof can be marvelled at in all of its splendour by the time spring arrives. (eap)