22 Jul 2020

France: Disney‘s “PanoraMagique“ Takes Off with New Envelop

© Aerophile Just in time for the reopening of Disneyland Paris on July, 15th the resort‘s “PanoraMagique“ large-scale helium balloon at Disney® Village received a newly designed envelop. It took fifty workers of French company Aerophile six hours to install the balloon’s new skin, which was then inflated with 6,200 cubic metres of helium to now transport visitors back to the sky again. In a height of approx. 100 metres guests are able to enjoy a panoramic view over Disneyland.

After 15 years of its first inflation and ten years after the last envelop change, the new skin of the balloon is now decorated with some of Disney’s most known flying characters including Tinkerbell, Buzz Lightyear, Jasmin and Aladdin as well as Dumbo and Peter Pan. (eap)