24 Jul 2020

Germany: TimeRide Adds to Virtual Tourist Offerings in Cologne

© TimeRideGermany’s provider of local history-based virtual reality experiences TimeRide expands its existing VR experience in Cologne in cooperation with KölnTourismus GmbH (Cologne tourism service). During a new 90 minutes-long guided tour through Cologne, participants will experience virtual scenes of popular landmarks of the city and immerse into its over 2,000 years old history. The view through the portable VR glasses shows 360-degree images which are based on historic sources, oil paintings and photos.

“Our VR guided tour through Cologe provides new insights into former scenes of Cologne’s cityscape that have disappeared over time. The combination of a guided tour with virtual reality enables our guests to experience a special time travel into the history and legends of the historic roots of ancient Cologne,“ explains Jonas Rothe, founder and general manager of TimeRide. Dr. Jürgen Amann, general manager of KölnTourismus GmbH, adds: “[…] This TimeRide product combines virtual content with guided tour to create special memories, which will have an additional value for guests who visit Cologne. Additionally, this is also a new way for Cologne residents to discover their city from different perspective.“ (eap)