29 Jul 2020

Germany: New Developments for Park & Facility Cleaning

At the latest when the leaves fall from the trees in autumn, many facilities such as zoos, theme parks and hotel complexes have to do more cleaning work. In order to allow for a thorough but time efficient cleaning sequence, Germany’s Tropos Motors Europe which specializes in electrically-driven vehicles has developed a new leaf grid and tarpaulin structure for its “Tropos ABLE” electric transporter. The vehicle’s platform needs to be extended by a transport frame to accommodate the leaf grid or tarpaulin. Thanks to its width of just 1.4 meters the transporter can also be used on narrow paths. Also, it can be expanded by a new surface cleaning and disinfection system for the deactivation of viruses, bacteria and fungi using dry steam (read also our report on “products & concepts for safe park operations” in EAP 4/2020). (eap)