31 Jul 2020

USA: Adventure Golf Services Is Now Adventure Golf & Sports

© AGSAfter around 35 years in the miniature golf industry, US-American manufacturer Adventure Golf Services re-names itself. The company, now operating as Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS), also changed its slogan to “Innovative Design ● Ultimate Experience“, because – according to Scott Lundmark, president of AGS – the company‘s portfolio includes not only miniature golf courses but also other sports attractions: “We felt it was time for our name to reflect the fact that many people refer to us by our initials and we provide many products and services beyond miniature golf.“

In the course of the re-branding process, AGS will launch two new products this year. The “American Pie™ Mini Golf“ – a kit style miniature golf course reminiscent of courses in the 1950s and 60s – as well as the “Bamboozle™ Mini Golf“, which will be a game concept that is not played on nine nor 18 holes, but instead in a 4.3 x 9.8 square metres area (14 x 32 square foot). (eap)