04 Sep 2020

Austria: Fantasiana Erlebnispark Strasswalchen Celebrates Groundbreaking for Park Expansion 2021

© Fantasiana Erlebnispark This week, the Fantasiana Erlebnispark Strasswalchen (Fantasiana Adventure Park), located in the Austrian state of Salzburg, celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for its major 2021 expansion project, for which the park has acquired a new 8,000 sqm-large land property. For its 25th anniversary next year, the family theme park, which is still managed by its founders Erich Wagner and Karl-Heinz Grabler, will implement the most extensive project in its history. Concrete details have not been revealed yet, but it is to expect that the expansion will include attractions from ART Engineering and Mack Rides.

Currently, the Fantasiana Erlebnispark Strasswalchen comprises seven theme areas with a total of over 50 attractions. The last major attraction at Fantasiana was inaugurated in 2018 with the “Flyrosaurus” Swing Tower by SBF-Visa (cf. EAP 5/2018). The family theme park, which is located about half an hour’s drive north-east of the city of Salzburg, welcomes far more than 100,000 guests every year. (eap)