23 Sep 2020

Netherlands: Convious Acquires former Tapperuse App & Expands eCommerce Platform for Leisure Operations

The Dutch SaaS company Convious, which with its “Convious Crowd Control” product offers an artificial intelligence-based platform for leisure attractions to manage the allotment of visitors (cf. our “Day X” special feature in EAP 4/2020), has now added the mobile ticketing app Tap (“Tick and Pay”, formerly “Tapperuse”) to its portfolio. Thanks to this newly integrated solution Convious is now able to provide customers with the opportunity to profit from features such as in-app and location-based messaging, GPS with geo-fenced in-venue crowd control and heat-mapping and mobile advertising. Also, leisure operations get access to real-time guest data, serving to identify new revenue opportunities but also showing crowded areas and thus helping to manage guest flow according to Covid-19 regulations.

Camiel Kraan, CEO of Convious, explains: “True eCommerce is long due in the leisure industry. We are thrilled to see our fast-growing customer base using our platform and reap the benefits of reducing dependency on third parties and selling more direct to visitors. Covid-19 changed the market and ‘online’ is more important than ever. By adding the Tap technology and its team, we extend our offering to native mobile apps at a fraction of the usual cost while having the full benefits.” (eap)