12 Apr 2021

Germany: Plantsch Indoor Pool Enhances Guest Offering with New Tube Slide

The Plantsch leisure bathing complex, located in Schongau, Bavaria, will expand its attractions line-up by adding a new tube slide in the near future. Swiss manufacturer Klarer has been commissioned with the design of the new slide attraction. The new 82.3-meter-long tube slide will be equipped with four so-called fake elements, which, with the help of an integrated LED screen, will give the slider the optical illusion of sliding into a dead end. Sliders will be able to use either single or double tubes to go for a ride on the new slide. In addition, at the start of the slide, guests will be able to choose from three different programs, which will add various light and sound effects to the slide. In addition, there will be a timer so that sliders will be able to compete against each other or with themselves against the time.

“In any case, we are thrilled that the new slide will allow us to slide out of the crisis with the famous ‘boom’ in time for the end of the pandemic, which is hopefully foreseeable in fall, and that we will be able to start a positive future with the Plantsch after Corona,” comments Andreas Kosain, General Manager of the Plantsch, to the online news service Merkur.