16 Apr 2021

Turkey: Polin Waterparks Launches Open Innovation Platform INNOKIND

With the launch of its new and open innovation platform INNOKIND, Turkish waterslide manufacturer Polin Waterparks aims at offering a platform for exchange and collaboration of industry professionals, academicians, students and park visitors. Innovative ideas can be submitted to the platform to be evaluated by professional jury and honoured by Polin with an award.

Şöhret Pakiş, Director of Marketing & Communications, Polin Waterparks, said: ”As the Polin Family, we are excited and proud to hold a global platform that is open for participation by all innovation seekers. We hope this platform will generate an abundance of fresh, innovative ideas for both our industry and the world.”

The goal of INNOKIND is to bring together creative ideas and projects as well as support the collaboration between universities and the industry by involving students into the industry world and therefore create a value-added economic benefit by way of the end result in products and services. (eap)