03 May 2021

Russia: Welcome to Transylvania – Dream Island Moscow Opens New “Hotel Transylvania” Attraction

Based on the Sony Pictures Animation IP “Hotel Transylvania”, the mega indoor theme park Dream Island in Moscow, which opened its gates for the first time in early 2020 (cf. EAP 3/2020) , has just inaugurated a new theme area including a experience, in which visitors can be guests to “Dracula’s Monster Hotel”. Visitors start their journey by walking across a bridge shrouded in mist to enter the hotel’s lobby. There, they meet Dracula, who guides them through more than ten locations. Guests will see characters and monsters known from the family-friendly animated trilogy which have been transformed into figures and animatronics, of which all have been supplied by the German manufacturer Heimotion. The design for the attraction was developed by Outdoor Factory from Turkey.

“The attraction will be a worthy addition to our park. The work on the Hotel Transylvania theme area took more than three years, as we wanted to build a unique space for Russia, combining the latest technical and creative solutions to create a comedic horror experience suitable for the whole family […],” comments Ivan Scholl, technical director of Dream Island. (eap)